Park Industries has years of experience working with W. Gohman Construction...Their preconstruction, construction, and warranty management is exemplary.

Thomas L. Schlough
President - Park Industries Inc.

...creative, intelligent, respectful and
extremely professional.

Brenda Johnson
Administrator - Lyngblomsten Care Center

Each project was completed on time, on budget and exceeded our standards for construction quality...willing to work with W. Gohman Construction Company in the future.

Steve Ludwig
Vice President - St. Cloud State University

Their proactive attention to detail is apparent long before the project begins to long after project completion.

Gary Kraft
St. Cloud Hospital - CentraCare Health


Gohman Featured Project

Commercial & Industrial

Whether it’s an elegant monument or a large commercial building, W. Gohman’s contractors are here to provide professional insight for your construction needs.

W Gohman Education Market


From elementary schools to universities, see the latest in education architecture including day care centers, schools, student facilities and libraries.

W Gohman Government Market


W. Gohman builds government buildings and architecture which provide communities with recreational facilities, accessibility and safety.

W Gohman Historic/Renovation Market


W. Gohman Construction saves and restores old historic buildings by renovating them into beautiful architectural works of art.

W Gohman Medical/Research Market


Using quality construction and an eye for detail, W. Gohman builds state-of-the-art research facilities and medical centers.

W Gohman Office/Retail Market


Office & Retail spaces


Whether it is a single-family or multi-family, W. Gohman builds houses that families turn into homes.

W Gohman Worship Market


Architecture has always had a role to play in religious worship, W. Gohman specializes in the construction and renovations of buildings of worship.